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If you would like to assist us in any of our ongoing projects by way of donations you may use either the PayPal button below and choose your amount or send us your donation by bank draft or money order to the below address.


Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Monetary Donations
Please send your check payable to "George Bodden"

#389 Anton Bodden Drive, PO Box 387, Grand Cayman, KY1-1602

Thank you for considering donating to The Backyard Farmer. Our farm is a privately owned facility that receives no Government funding, grants or concessions. The only income that helps run the farm are funds derived from the sales of our homemade products, produce/egg sales and donations.


Aside from our daily operating expenses we are also undertaking a number of small but exciting projects outlined below.


An orchid shade house

This structure will be used to house our growing collection of native and imported orchids. Approx USD$3000.00 Needed


An Aquaponics System

This system will be used for growing leafy greens and tomatoes organically. Approx USD$4000.00 Needed


Duck & Tilapia Pond Area

This area will be used as a safe sanctuary for both our domestic and native ducks with a dual purpose of farming tilapia organically on the farm. Approx USD$7000.00 Needed

Donation Amount