Slave Wall

It is a little know fact that our property sits on part of a larger area know as the ‘slave wall’. Although little is recorded in our written history on this testament of time long gone, an article in the 1974 Issue of The Northwester gives an oral account of this piece of our history as told to Mrs. Mary Lawrence by then 82 year old resident of Bodden Town Mrs. Netty Levy.

Mrs. Levy recants the stories told to her by her ‘grandpa, Lowen Wood” on the harsh conditions slaves and there owners had to endure in order to erect this wall with areas being up to 7ft tall. It is widely believed that these walls of dry stacked rocks were erected by the salves of the day as a means to “fortifying” their masters homes from possible attacks from pirates who frequented the area in that time.

Unfortunately large sections of the wall has been removed in the name of ‘progress’ however we are currently cutting trails to the remaining sections of the wall surrounding our property with the hopes of restoring any fallen or removed section in order to preserve this history.


No special equipment is needed and can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages, however, sneakers are recommended.

Note: We are currently cutting paths to this area of the farm.

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